If you only had 10 years to live from today…

1. What would matter to you?
2. What would you do differently?
3. What would you allow to make you happy?
4. What would you let go of that still hurts you?
5. How would you want to be remembered and how will you make that happen?
6. How would you leave the world better?
7. What would you do today; and only today?
8. How would you choose to live in this moment, right now? In anger or in peace? In resentment or in forgiveness? With gratitude or regret?
9. What would you leave behind to your loved ones and friends that would mean something to them?
10. What magic would you in the world that you’re not seeing now?
11. Would your possessions mean as much to you then, on that last day, as much as an experience would today?
12. Who would you forgive?
13. Who would forgive you?
14. Would you still be afraid of the things that scare you today or would they not matter as much now that you know you’re going to die?
15. Where would you go between now and then?
16. What, or who, would stop you from living the life you desire the last 10 years of your life?
17. What memories would you want to take with you that you don’t already have?
18. Would you be able to tell the people you love, but don’t know if they love you back, you still love them?
19. How would your faith be different?
20. Would you still get in your own way?

Time is ticking and this time is made for you.

From the moment we take our first breath, we’re physically dying.  We’re here to live, not be part of the living dead.  Most people are a part of the living dead.  They lose their faith, live in fear, don’t allow themselves to live, are numb, etc.

Free yourself from your own limitations so that you can take with you what you came here to get… If you don’t know what that is…then you have work to do, don’t you?

Loved ones, guides, angels and every being on the other side tell me we are here to live, to experience and to be in love with all that is…there is no good, there is no bad…there only just is!

That does not mean that it’s easy….if it were easy, it would not be living.  We’re here to simply experience what we need too!  Why?  I don’t believe that we will ever know why we’re here or what those experiences are for.  It we’re more concerned about that answer, then we’re missing the point completely.

I hear people say, “we have lessons to learn” and “this is an earth school”.   Well if it were for  lessons, that would imply we don’t already know.  That’s why we go to school when we are young…to learn what we don’t know!  I believe, and know, we are all knowing therefore lessons are not the point.  I will say this however, our earthly selves have amnesia so maybe we’re here to REMEMBER!

Think about it for a minute, maybe an hour or two, maybe a day.   Remember, the longer you wait, the less time you will have.  No one knows 10 minutes, 10 years or 100….