She said… “I feel like all my teeth have been kicked out, one by one, over the years.  My mouth is empty and sore; my soul is tired.  I have nothing left inside to take the bites I need to take in order to keep going. I am hungry, I am sore and I am defeated!”

I said… “Well, maybe you HAVE had them all kicked out, one by one over the years.  So, maybe what you need is a new way of learning how to eat with what you have for now.  Maybe the teeth you had before were your baby teeth and they had to go to make room for the new ones.  Sometimes we need to go without while we wait for what is newer, stronger and more stable to come in.  Right now, it’s not about patience.  This is about the wisdom to know that although it seems that nothing is happening, that’s the time when the most is happening. You’re growing, changing, evolving and being equipped with more resilient tools.  I’m sorry that this has been so hard and painful for you.  Rest, be nice to yourself, be kind and remember that you are LOVED beyond your greatest imagination. Everything will be OK.  You must become adaptable for now. Your new teeth are coming in nicely.  Nurture yourself today, so they are as healthy as they can be tomorrow.”